Massachusetts: In the News

This page is a collection of news mentions for Kim Bassett during her healthcare career in Massachusetts. 


Steward lone wolf on hospital ballot question
March 8, 2016, by Bruce Mohl, Common Wealth Magazine

Kim Bassett, president of Steward’s Norwood Hospital, submitted testimony to the Legislature’s Health Care Finance Committee in which she said the ballot question may not be the ideal way to address the widening pricing disparities between community hospitals and Boston teaching hospitals, but it represents a start.


Steward, hospital industry titans butt heads on ballot question
March 9, 2016, by Priyanka Dayal McCluskey, Boston Globe

Steward Health Care System is breaking ranks with the rest of the hospital industry and throwing its support behind a controversial ballot proposal to take hundreds of millions of dollars from the state’s wealthiest hospitals and give them to lower-paid community hospitals.


Ballot question could spur lawmakers to tackle health price variations
March 8, 2016 by Matt Murphy,

Despite some concerns with a proposed ballot question to regulate health care provider prices, pressure began to mount on lawmakers Tuesday from a collection of hospitals, patient advocates and workers to take action this year to address hospital price variations that are squeezing community hospitals.

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Morton Hospital highlights 125-year legacy of serving Taunton community
February 10, 2014, by Marc Larocque, Taunton Gazette

Morton Hospital got its start 125 years ago in part thanks to a familiar fundraising method that remains a fixture at community events to this day. A 50-50 raffle. Back then, an academic surgeon named Silas Presbrey spearheaded a campaign to bring a hospital to Taunton, believing that the city’s industrial strength and its population made such a health care facility necessary and possible. Presbrey, other doctors, churches and other members of the community rallied to raise the money, through subscription pledges and fundraising drives.


Deborah Bitsoli named president of Morton Hospital: 4 things to know
November 18, 2015, by Kelly gooch, Becker's Hospital Review

Boston-based Steward Health Care System has appointed Deborah Bitsoli president of Morton Hospital in Taunton, Mass.