Florida: In the News

This page is a collection of news mentions for Kim Bassett during her healthcare career in Florida. 


Bassett bids farewell as Quorum era begins
June 24, 2011 by Blair Shiver, Keysweekly.com

Fishermen’s Hospital CEO Kim Bassett once said during a county hurricane preparation conference that she was “just a nurse trying to run a hospital.”


CEO Kim Bassett to Leave Florida's Fishermen's Hospital, Stay With HMA
May23, 2011 by Sabrina Rodak, BeckersHospitalReview.com

Kim Bassett will step down as CEO of Fishermen's Hospital in Marathon, Fla., when Quorum Health takes over for Health Management Associates on July 1, according to a KeysNet.com report.  


Heeding the call of duty comes naturally to interim CEO
April 15, 2010 by Kathy Grey, Charlotte County Florida Weekly

Kim Bassett is first, foremost, and most memorably, disarming. She’s just nice. She’s pleasant to talk with, she has a stunning sense of humor and fine intellect. She’s emotionally mature and gives credit for her every success to the people who support her. She’s a dynamo in an emergency, too.