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What is HPV and should you vaccinate your child?

With kids starting back to school soon, schools will be checking vaccinations, making sure each child is up to speed when it comes to vaccinations. The newest vaccination now being recommended by doctors and schools systems for children between the ages of 11-14 is the HPV (Human Papillomavirus) vaccination. It’s all over the television, on almost every channel you see a commercial about the HPV vaccine.  Some parents are hesitant to get this vaccination because it is relatively new and involves safeguarding against a sexually transmitted disease his/her child could get in the future. 

Top 4 ways to PREVENT a hangover

We are fast approaching the largest party night of the year -- New Year’s Eve. Which also means that we are approaching a day-after of .... you got it... hangovers. Aside from abstaining entirely from the pretty bubbly beverages inevitably served during your celebration, here are ways to prevent or lessen the affects of alcohol: